The Purpose of this Blog…

What is it that we’re trying to do with this blog? We’re trying to promote, in two words: “smart exporting.”

The longer explanation? Ireland and Northern Ireland create cutting-edge, world class products and services. The United States is a natural market for these products and services, but suffers from a perception that the market is ‘risky’ or ‘difficult.’ Not so. With practical advance planning and understanding of potential risk points, the operational risk of exporting or expanding to the U.S. can be controlled and mitigated. We call that “smart exporting.” This blog will provide information so that Irish and Northern Irish companies can engage in “smart exporting.”

Increasing exports increases revenue and creates jobs.  Exporting can help create a broader-based economy that is more resilient to potential economic shocks. Each of the Irish and Northern Irish governments are stressing the importance of growing exports, and we want to help.

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