Alerts and Updates

Top Ten Tips for U.S. Joint Ventures. Joint ventures are an effective and efficient way for non-U.S. businesses, especially small and mid-sized businesses, to access the U.S. market. A properly structured joint venture can leverage the strengths of each partner, reduce the market/expansion risk to each partner, and open a new and significant market to non-U.S. products and technology. Poorly structured joint ventures, however, can be expensive failures: wasting time and capital; costing revenue opportunities; preventing products and technology from accessing the U.S. market outside of the joint venture; damaging intellectual property rights; and requiring significant expense to unwind. Click here to see this alert.

Using Distribution Agreements to Sell Life Sciences Products. This update identifies the top 11 tips to help your company negotiate an effective distribution agreement for life sciences products in the U.S. Click here to see this update.

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