The Survey Says?

The good news is that we’re going to re-start our webinar series on US legal topics for Irish and Northern Irish businesses expanding to/operating in the US. But we need your help: we’re looking for feedback on the topics that might be of interest to an audience of Irish/Northern Irish businesses, their advisors, and other interested parties. The survey is at

Please take a moment to give us some feedback, and please feel free to forward along to your colleagues and contacts. Thank you in advance for your help.


Exchange Rate Pressure Makes US Market More Valuable

The news that the Swiss Central Bank was ending the exchange rate cap between the Franc and the Euro is, of course, significant. As interesting is the news, in the middle of the article, that the ECB may commence a stimulus program that would put more Euros in circulation. This would increase the pressure on the Euro vis-a-vis the Dollar (already at a nine year low). All of which means that products manufactured/sourced from the Eurozone could become cheaper for those making a purchase in Dollars. Like Irish goods purchased by US consumers. Even Northern Irish goods purchased by US consumers, since the Pound is also under pressure. If Eurozone growth slows and the exchange rate causes Irish goods to get cheaper for US purchasers, why wouldn’t you expand your U.S. Market presence?

What is this blog for, anyway?

Someone once suggested to start at the beginning, which is a good idea for the first post for a new blog. What is it that this blog is trying to do? In two words, the blog promotes “smart exporting.” Continue reading