Selling to the US Government: A Brief Guide for Irish and NI Companies

Irish and Northern Irish companies expanding to the US market should consider selling to the US government as part of their expansion strategy. Last year, the US government purchased almost $500 billion in products and services—it is the single largest customer in the world and it pays its bills. By law, the US government publishes its formal solicitations for purchases valued at more than $25,000 on An Irish/Northern Irish company can customize its search for opportunities to sell its products and services to US government. Continue reading

Effectively Using a Lightning Rod

It’s been a while…my apologies! Waiting at an airport on a winter weather delay has me thinking of all the times I’ve been delayed because of summer weather like…lightning storms. It also gave me a chance to talk to a non-US company client about doing business here, and their structuring options; which also relates to my earlier post about when a company is deemed to be doing business here, for jurisdictional purposes.

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You’re Not Doing Business in the US…Unless You Are

I spoke recently with the owner of an Irish company that sells its products online to purchasers in the US and other countries. The US isn’t a true focus of this company’s expansion efforts, but the US market is a nice added benefit to the company’s revenue stream. They don’t have a US-specific website, but if you go to their order page you can enter a US address for delivery. In discussing their sales efforts, I asked what the company does in terms of US-focused terms/conditions of sale and related agreements. Nothing, I was told, because the company isn’t ‘doing business’ in the United States. In a limited way, that answer is correct. But, that answer also is wrong, and dangerously so. Continue reading

NDAs and You: Perfect Together

I’m about to betray that I made questionable music choices in the 1980s–but the song most relevant to this post is “Voices Carry” by the band ‘Til Tuesday. If those voices include your company’s confidential or sensitive information, your company will suffer competitive harm.  That’s why I recommend that non-US companies expanding into the US get familiar with non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), also known as confidentiality agreements. Continue reading

Webinars for Irish and Northern Irish Companies (free content, too!)

Late last year, we held a series of webinars directed to Irish and Northern Irish companies looking to do (or doing) business in the US. The webinars were well-attended, and, in part, led to the creation of this blog. We want to share those webinars, and their content, with you.

The first webinar introduced the concept of ‘smart exporting’ and provided a high-level view of some key legal issues relevant to Irish and Northern Irish companies in the US market. The presentation for this ‘smart exporting’ webinar can be found here; the recording of the webinar (requires registration) can be found here.

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What is this blog for, anyway?

Someone once suggested to start at the beginning, which is a good idea for the first post for a new blog. What is it that this blog is trying to do? In two words, the blog promotes “smart exporting.” Continue reading